Speaking with the Judge


Paul Manigrasso is a dually qualified attorney and certified public accountant with 25 years of experience in accounting.

For almost every one, legal controversy is fraught with fear and anxiety. Not for Paul. 

Paul understands that in a world where citizens are taxed, disputes about those taxes will happen. Accepting this fact on a client’s behalf helps diffuse the negative emotions and initial reactions a client might have while Paul pursues the ideal solution. 

When a client receives a letter from a taxing entity, it is almost always time sensitive; a response is necessary within a finite period. As a specialist in tax disputes, Paul helps by meeting deadlines more rapidly than a firm that provides general accounting might and with a clearer idea of where the client needs to focus.

The tax positions Paul takes and defends are based on reasonable interpretations of statutes and regulations informed by case law and legislative intent. One of Paul’s quirks is that he likes the details and legalese incumbent in tax theory and regulation. This works well for tax clients, as he uses all the legal and accounting information - most not easily accessed by clients - to find ways to improve their individual situations. He helps by determining the appropriate rules, applying the pertinent facts to the rules, and performing deep analysis leading to the best outcome.


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