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  • Paul Manigrasso

Why I Do What I Do for My Clients

I was raised in a culture of duty, integrity, and service; it was the way I lived as a child of a career Army father. These values, reinforced by 37 years of Navy, Navy Reserve, or Coast Guard Auxiliary service, have left an indelible imprint on my way of doing business.

When I engage with a client, my sense of duty keeps me dedicated to the case and obliges me to seek the best possible outcome for every client.

I am committed to the ethical principles that are set forth in the codes of conduct for CPAs and attorneys but consider both codes the minimum for working in a position of trust. I am an “out of the box thinker” who will mitigate and remedy any tax controversy as creatively as I can within legal and ethical boundaries. I will never compromise my integrity to manufacture a more favorable outcome or to keep a client.

I strive to serve my clients by meeting them where they are at in a dispute. My varied background, mediation skills, and professional accounting and legal experience lead to the best solutions.

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