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1948 -- Camp Ellis -- Many of you know that I consistently run as if possessed -- as if someone is following, watching and critiquing me. That man would be the smiling private, third from the left, on the bottom of this photo.

I've always wanted to be good enough to follow him and have be proud.

1977 -- Fort Bliss, Texas

My first uniform. Young Marines, LCPL.

Our Drill Instructors (DI's) were all junior enlisted guys just back from Vietnam. We were doing platoon runs with one guy (sometimes ME) running around the formation with a big rock over our heads,

1953 -- Fort Sill, OK

Dad transferred from Infantry to Field Artillery (he didn't like to walk).

1979 -- El Paso, Texas -- Confirmation. My godfather is my Uncle Don. Special Forces type. Snake eater. Enough said.

1953? Germany.

Dad is on the left, Captain (then Lieutenant) Keys, FA, is on the right. Brown Shoe Army.

1980 -- I was big into models. Cutty Sark in the foreground, USS Constitution in the back. Note that all aircraft are Navy.

1967 -- My dad went to Korea and left us for a year -- he did Nike Hercules, Nike Ajax, and then Sergeant Missile (the only Tac Nuc named after an enlisted grade -- just saying).

1978 -- My first Army uniform. c/Sgt, Andress High School, El Paso, Texas.

1967 -- Dad in Korea

1980 -- c/2LT, Madison High School, San Antonio, Texas.

1978 -- Dad retired. This is back when you didn't have a lot of medals -- those who know, know he had some pretty good ones. ever see an Expert Badge for "missile"? Sheesh.

1980 -- Military Ball -- Mary Manigrasso (no, I did NOT take my sister).

1978 -- Dad's "formal" photo for his service jacket. The military has never gotten the word that pictures aren't part of resumes.

1982 -- the tradition continues.

Why all this?

Dad passed away four years ago today. I want him to know how very proud I was of his service, and I hope that mine has met the standard:

1977 -1978 Young Marines (LCPL)

1979 - 1982 Army JROTC (c/MAJ)

1982 -1987 USN (OS2)

1987- 2000 USNR (OS1)

2000 - present US Coast Guard Auxiliary (Flotilla Commander)

2020 - prospective commissioning in Texas State Guard as 1LT, JAGC

43 of my 55 years have been in uniform.

So far........

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