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I would much rather spend my time and effort helping everyone with their SBA applications, old tax returns (to get the stimulus checks), wills, medical power of attorneys, etc. Unfortunately I am compelled to make a public service announcement.

I was working in my home office when I saw a man with a small dog in his truck speaking with my daughter. After about a minute, I became concerned and went outside. The man explained that he was "taking a survey about the virus," and asked if I trusted the news. I told him I did, and he asked me why I trusted the government.

News Flash -- That is (in my humble opinion) not a discussion my middle schooler needs to be having with a fifty-something year old in the library parking lot. I explained as much to the gentleman. He is apparently a Constitutional Law Scholar, and advised me that he has a "constitutional freedom of thought". I stated that I completely agreed -- unless you're sharing those thoughts with my kids, especially without me present. I have defended free-speech rights since the day I raised my hand in 1981 and swore to ". . .bear true faith and allegiance to the [Constitution] . . ." Do not presume to lecture me about your rights.

I told the man that an old guy alone in a truck with a little dog talking to junior-high girls is problematic. He said he didn't invite her into his truck. I said I didn't care.

Please note that I am peaceful and patient. Attempts made to engage my children in conversation from your vehicle may result in the police being called and defensive actions being taken that may place you in both physical and legal danger. If you want to speak with an adult, or require legal services, simply ask the kids to get one of us from the office.

By the way, I did follow you and get your license number.

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